5 Crazy Reasons Why You Need A Life Coach?

Hey! I am sitting in a coffee shop thinking why do we need a coach to hold our hand?

Almost everyone of us is so involved in their lives doing routine job and they often forget to set an outcome for themselves and work towards to achieve it. We often fail to notice the things that are setting us back, unless we have a third person pointing things out to us, and that person could be a coach! Let’s find out?

It’s a monumental undertaking to bounce back in your life, that being said, I have listed 5 reasons why you should hire a professional life coach if you really want to achieve what you’re aiming for.

#1 – You Need A Coach To Identify What Personality You Are

We all have that inner instinct that drives us or motivates us to do things in a certain way or avoid a few things in our life or be cynical about things around us. Have you ever thought why are you this way? I believe no, you never did. And I am sure you will not attempt it unless there is someone who points it to you, and that third person is none but your life coach. 

You will be blown away when you get introduced with yourself. There are nine types of personalities and you will surely fall in one of them. To know which one you represent, you need a coach to help you take you through that activity and help you understand your personality. Your coach will also take you through which state you are in, and hold your hand to take you to the next level, in case you are in a lower state. Therefore, you need someone to hold a mirror while you peep into yourself – that person is your coach. 

If you want to excel in your life then you need to know what are your core values that you own, and these core values are called Baselines. Without realizing you have developed these baselines in your subconscious mind over the years from your experiences, family, friends, society, etc. even without realizing.  Most of us have no idea what their baselines are and they tend to take decisions which go wrong! I am sure you would not want to be one among them, would you? That is why you need a coach.

#2 – Know What You Are Coded With

I am sure you have gone through certain experiences or specific moments in your life which has developed a code in your mind. These code can be both negative or positive. They are collected over a period of time from friends, family, social media, television, social circle, or an incident. 

Like your baselines, your codes (coding) drive you, inspire you, motivate you and they can even crush you. Remember when last you planned to lose a few pounds or hit the gym and be in shape or launch an online business or invest in the stock market or write a book or open a new company or break free from an abusive relationship, etc. but then you felt that there is something that is holding you back from taking action.

 This little voice runs in the back of your mind and shows you what can go wrong if you do what you plan. It works like a supper possessive parent who always protects his child fearing that nothing should go wrong with his child. These negative codes or beliefs serve as a guard and stop anything that can hurt you, thus you seldom take any action which results affects your results. 

Your inaction always leads you not being able to achieve your personal dreams. These beliefs of codes always hunt for evidence that strengthens them and prove you why they were stopping you from taking action. That is why you need a third person to introduce you to your inner coding or that little voice which overpowers you anytime you think of breaking free or taking action. Your coach will help you identify the negative codes in you and change them into positive ones. Yes you heard me right! these negative codes can be changed unlike your baselines. 

Sometimes you can change one negative code and that will erase a big list of them. But to achieve that you need a coach who will put you in a system that works and you will have breakthroughs with your eyes wide open and jaws dropping. 

#3 – Feeling Helpless And Don’t Know Where To Start From 

Often you just don’t know where to start from. You want to achieve something, but you feel so helpless that you simply fail to take that first step. It maybe because you feel you are not worthy of or don’t deserve it or maybe it’s something else is stopping you, but you simply don’t know what is stopping you.

You often get carried away or overwhelmed by the huge goals and you know that you want to be there but it’s hard to get clear on things when you can’t even get past that feeling of helplessness and not knowing where to start. A life coach can assess your personal situation and hold your hand and empower you to take that first step towards your humongous dreams.

#4 – Unable To Set A Clear Vision

Most of us want to succeed and live our lives to the fullest, but we never tend to take few minutes give it a thought that how my future should look like, and it is because of this that we lack a clear vision. We often feel like we’re living our lives fulfilling someone else’s dreams and wishes. We are being pushed and pulled in every direction, that we’re unable to create that clear vision for what we want out of life. You don’t realize it because you are busy living someone else’s dreams, especially so when have been seeing it from a perspective for years or decades. This is one of the best parts of having a coach on your side, giving you the extra. A life coach can help you cut through all the noise and get clear on what you want. 

#5 – Your Finances, Health, Relationships, Career Or Business Is In Complete Disarray

If your life is in a state of complete disarray, you might be in drastic need of a coach that will help you get through some of the most difficult times. Whether it’s your finances, your health, your relationships, your career or your business, oftentimes it’s hard to focus and see the forest through the trees when we’re struggling to move through the fog of today’s complexities.

When your marriage fails, your health is shot, and your career, finances or your business is completely shattered, it’s hard to make it through those tough times. But a life coach will help you wade through the seas of sorrow to emerge on the shores of hope as your guide.

2 thoughts on “5 Crazy Reasons Why You Need A Life Coach?”

  1. Love the message and yes coaches help us to realy understand the purpose of your life you get to answer that question who are you thank you for the beautiful lesson

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2 thoughts on “5 Crazy Reasons Why You Need A Life Coach?”

  1. Love the message and yes coaches help us to realy understand the purpose of your life you get to answer that question who are you thank you for the beautiful lesson

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