5 Crazy Benefits Of Taking Small Actions To Achieve Your Final Outcome

There could not be a better time than now to pen down this blog post because it is 31st night and I am sitting at Sharjah Waterfront waiting for the firecrackers to burst to welcome then New Year 2020. Most of us will set their goals (new year resolutions) for the next year and will follow them for a few days or weeks and then forget about them without achieving any of them.

You will agree with me that final “Outcomes” or “Goals” per se look very heavy and unaccomplishable when seen in its entirety. But when you look around there are ordinary people who have accomplished the same outcomes or goals with ease and much before you and I could even think of. Isn’t that true?

Have you ever faced the same? Did you ever set your new year resolutions and were charged up for the first week or so and eventually saw them far from achieving. I am sure you did and let me tell you that you are not alone in doing that; I know many in my close circle who do the same on every new year eve and the fail to commit to it.

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